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If you haven't seen the movie 'Hidden Figures,' I highly recommend it. Not to give the story away, it's based on a true story about three African American women who contributed their talents to the NASA space program and the quest to reach outer space...even taking us the moon. So how about you? As a child, did you shoot for the moon and dream big?  And today, do you dwell on past regrets, or live in the past? Are your life lessons learned or repeated again and again? The Law says that unlearned lessons are repeated as a friendly reminder of living in a world of cause and effect. What we put out comes back to us. So, what are you putting out? Are you reliving your past over and over?  Allow spiritually principled-living to (re)script your story, carving out new paths and defining life in a greater way. Live life fully as you design and it comes around divine.

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