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The first step in changing anything is accepting what is. Where prosperity is concerned that means acknowledging what we have, where we are in the larger scheme of things, and where we want to be. This may include understanding ideas and attitudes that are drawing things to us or pushing them away. It is the nature of Life to offer itself freely to its creation. For us, this means the opportunity to accept, receive, and celebrate what is offered.  You’re invited. 

Tapping into the power of what is already ours, Abundance is all around us and showing up everywhere. Too often we get caught up in thinking we are missing something or must find a way to “get” abundance – while the real power is in recognizing and revealing the abundance that is bursting from our lives. Celebrate abundance everywhere… you’re invited.

From Forest Baths to squawking birds, nature is part of the same system of life that we are. At calls to us from every direction. “Here is spirit. Here is love. Here is support. Here is life.” Welcome it, embrace it, as an expression of the One Infinite Intelligence calling out to you.  Musician: Harpist Monica Hargrave

“Find me one person who knows how to talk to God, really, and I shall walk with him through the woods and everything that seems inanimate will respond—the leaves of the trees will clap their hands, the grass will grow soft under him.” –Ernest Holmes

† All quotes are from the short “Final Sermon by the Sea” delivered by Dr. Ernest Holmes at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA in 1959. The use of the masculine pronoun is his and was the common practice of the day despite the clear inclusive intention. We retain them here to be true to his quote.  The sermon is available from Science of Mind Archives.

Ours is not a passive teaching. There is a call to action stemming from our own desires and from our world. Our response to the call is our response to the question, “What would love do?” I dare you!  

“Find me someone who has given all that he has in love, without morbidity, and I will have found the lover of my soul. Is not this true? Why? Because he will have revealed to me the nature of God and proved to me the possibility of all human souls.” –Ernest Holmes 

So many people are looking for someone or something to redeem them save them and they usually look outside of themselves. The real power of redemption lies within us. It is embedded in our freedom to accept and celebrate our uniqueness as our goodness. It is passed on as we celebrate the unique goodness of everyone else. It's simple; just do it.

"Find me someone who has redeemed his own soul, and he shall become my redeemer." --Ernest Holmes †


Video that played during Doug Moody's part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLiWFUDJ95I

Our lives are shaped far more powerfully by what we stand for than what we stand against. Infinite Creativity can only take positive action on our behalf based on what we affirm and hold as true and real. For instance, a stand for prosperity has power to bring prosperity into our lives and that of others. A stand against poverty brings only frustration, a sense of oppression, and has not real power. Join us as we explore standing for truth, love, peace, power, and prosperity. It will show up in your life.

“Find me one person who is for something and against nothing, who is redeemed enough not to condemn others out of the burden of his soul, and I will find another savior, another Jesus, and an exalted human being.” ——Ernest Holmes


Mya's video link https://youtu.be/g5H3CoZ6D3o

Whether intentional on anyone's part of not, we live in a world that constantly invites us to respond with fear. There is a better choice if one is to live in freedom and happiness. Everyone regardless of circumstances can choose differently. Experience a different understanding of life. Find a community that supports your empowerment to choose differently. Join us on Sunday for a better idea.


"Find me one person who no longer has any fear of the universe, or of God, or of man, or of anything else, and you will have brought to me someone in whose presence we may sit, and fear shall vanish as clouds before the sunlight." --Ernest Holmes *

Rev. Ursula will take us through the journey of understanding the particle and wave and how it is interwoven from a physical, metaphysical, quantum physical, Pranic Healing and your personal point of view. All these layers work together to create your reality. 

Link to music video Doug Introduced https://youtu.be/S6FN0EmK87c


he Guiding Principles which determine our lives. They are the foundation upon which consciousness builds our experience. Established in trust and certainty these principles along with our gifts and passions determine our purpose in life. Nothing is more satisfying than living your purpose with passion and trust. Join us and learn how.

What gets you up in the morning? What do you need to do regardless of what other people think or do? What would you do, whether anyone is looking or paying you? When you have found that, you have found part of your passion.

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