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Rev. David Barrett talks about his own personal growth of moving from a Life of the Law of Averages, moving up to the Law of Cause and Effect, moving into the Law of Grace, and still moving into the Law of Livin’ Easy.

Rev. David is the beloved founding Senior Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living Midtown. His talks flow from the heart and always engage us with clear spiritual principles that bring greater joy, freedom and understanding to our lives. 

Saying Yes sets a universe of mental and physical activity into motion. There are things you can do to optimize your “Yes” for the greatest benefit to yourself and others. Come find out how.

With July 4th just around the corner, our thoughts turn to freedom. What does it mean? How much can we have? Is freedom a verb or a noun? How do I know if I have it? Come celebrate our freedom and find out.

The most ordinary activity can become extraordinary if you choose it. The most extraordinary possibilities can become ordinary and everyday, if you choose that as well.  Today, we are celebrating and expanding what may have seemed to be the everydayness of living by joyfully standing outside the box, and finding the free expression of your real desires for living.  If you are dedicated to the status quo, the ordinary, and the average, stay Home. You will not like this. If you are looking for ideas for living an extraordinary everyday life and are willing to embrace change, you will find what you are looking for here.

Dr. Bob Deen and Haji Basim  present an opportunity for participating in a focused Affirmative Prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment) as the Sunday Celebration. Dr. Bob using the Spoken Word and Haji Basim using Music and Musical Word will guide the group through a meaningful and deeply felt Affirmative Prayer. Bring you desires, your vision, and your idea of what you want. Be ready for change.

Remember playing on that thing in the playground? Spinning faster and faster until you were dizzy. How are we doing that in our life? Which merry-go-rounds are working for us and which are not? We create our reality, but what are we creating for ourselves? Let’s meet and ponder these Ways on the Spiritual Path.

Using the questions you write down and turn in on Sunday morning, Dr. Bob will create a talk, on the spot.

“Go where there is no path and make one,” said King Arthur to his knights as he sent them out on their quest. Following your path means following a path that perhaps only you can see. It does not mean following the path others have worn clear. It means choosing your direction, career, family, friends, and causes based on your unique view of things. It means trying it, whether anyone ever did before. Find the ideas, reveal the courage within you, and follow your bliss. This is where your treasure lies. 

Who are you? No I mean really, who are you? How do you know? Discover the value of living from the inner awareness of your True Self versus the many selves that we develop to accommodate to the world. The Real You holds the power to create your life experiences according to your great desires. Developing the tools to know, love, and live from your True Self, it necessary for your ever unfolding growth through life. You’re Invited.

An odd title for Mother’s Day, I suppose. However, letting go of our outdated and false ideas about Mother and our relationship with our mother is important to our spiritual growth. There are beliefs and attitudes related to our Mothers that serve us well and will do so as long as we live. There are also false ideas and beliefs that many people carry that do not serve us any longer. Letting go – releasing – is a spiritual practice that opens us to the newness of life and allows us to move forward with renewed energy and creativity. Blessing and releasing, turning to new ideas, and even grief are spiritual practices that allow us to release what no longer serves us in any area of life. Join us as we celebrate Mother’s Day with new ideas and tools for the Journey.

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