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Anger can be like a hurricane. In the “eye” of the storm there is peace.  Therefore, I can find calm waters in the midst of the turbulence. 

Weekly Affirmation: At the center of anger is peace and calm.

Let’s sing, dance, hum, laugh, smile, and shout from a happy place because we’re alive!  No matter what’s going on, let’s celebrate life and the joy of living.  We have the chance to start anew and make it a great day, every day. 

Weekly Affirmation: I’m happy to be alive living a joyful life.

For too long many of us have allowed fear to plague our lives and deter us from our good. We have the power to change the narrative and allow faith to lead the way instead of following fear. 

Weekly Affirmation: I face my fears through courage, strength, and faith.

The vast variety of emotions serves to add spice to our human mix. As we lean into learning from emotions and creating balance, our recipe is perfected with just the right blend to create a mixture of harmony, wellbeing, and growth. Weekly Affirmation: I am blessed and grateful for my emotions and feelings. 

Your dreams are waiting for you to come true. Maybe it’s time! So far, we have looked at the creative impulse in the individual, danced with our donkeys of resistance, transcended the world of effect to expand our visions, and embraced a higher idea of our own divinity. What’s left? It’s time to stop tying our “nots” and bring our creative selves and whatever it is we are wanting to do, to the world. In summary, when we dare to present our talents, gifts, and passions, we are both vulnerable and victorious. Here’s the issue: to be victorious, we must be vulnerable. We must open our hearts, let down our ego defenses, and dare to live authentically if we want the rewards of a life well-lived. This week is not about judging the quality of a performance or assessing the efficacy of a creative desire. This week is all about each of us knowing our authentic life purpose. 

Weekly Affirmation: I dare to be me. I am hot stuff! 

The creative message of both Passover and Easter is about rising above or transcendence. We rise when we transcend our fears, prejudices, and histories to be instruments for divine creative expression. We “rise in faith, believing,” means we inhabit and create from a field of pure potentiality that exceeds and celebrates our precious, unique and beloved humanness. The Easter Bunny, originally a symbol of creation and fertility, just called: That which you are seeking is found within. (Spoiler alert: It’s way better than Peeps or chocolate eggs!) 
Weekly Affirmation: Daily I rise in wonder, gratitude, power, and glory! 

Waltz with a wombat? Jitterbug with a jaguar? How about dancing with a donkey? Try it, you’ll like it!  Whatever your religious tradition, each honors the deeper reality of the creative dance of the universe. Ramadan began last week. Christianity’s “Holy Week” , Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Passover, and Easter Sunday all celebrate the One Infinite Creative Presence and Power which informs and guides all spiritual paths. The Creator Itself shines through all spiritual paths in unique ways. We can resist our journey, or we can dance the journey. Stumbling blocks or stepping stones? Tantrums or tangos? You decide. 
Weekly Affirmation: I am an open, dazzling channel for inspiration and peace. 

Today we move beyond doubts and fears about our abilities, talent, or imagination. Choosing to know ourselves as worthy of and fully connected to the Infinite Creator, we anchor in knowing that we are limitlessly sourced by a Limitless Source–and that includes our creativity! What is true about God is absolutely true about us, so we are saturated NOW with the magnificent artistry of the Universe Itself! We create from that, and yes, we are the ways in which God “shows up” in the world. 
Weekly Affirmation: I know myself as Spirit knows me: creative, unique, wonderful! 

All month, mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.wixstatic.com%2Fmedia%2F66a135_0c370d5f7fed4f57816c6fa9713b7f0c%7Emv2.jpg%2Fv1%2Fcrop%2Fx_573%2Cy_278%2Cw_507%2Ch_567%2Ffill%2Fw_168%2Ch_188%2Cal_c%2Cq_80%2Cusm_0.66_1.00_0.01%2Cenc_auto%2F66a135_0c370d5f7fed4f57816c6fa9713b7f0c%7Emv2.jpg&t=1648850353&ymreqid=4d8d6d15-91d2-dfde-1cb6-450004016600&sig=gHpxtKnHX.bLGCIwXxT7vA--~Dwe’ve been talking about how important a life of play and rest is for our healthiness, both inside and out. There’s another dimension, though – play helps us to build relationships filled with Joy and meaning. What if our whole community embraced the idea of playing together as a key component of healthy living?

Week's Affirmation: I am Joyful in my community.

How many times have we fallen into the temptation to glorify overwork and busyness, saying things like, “I’ll rest when I’m dead?” One of the great wonders of this life is the sweet sense of Joy and Peace that comes with real, substantial rest.

Week’s Affirmation: I rest in Divine Joy.

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