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Stumbling Blocks or Steppingstones, which will they be? As you move through your life, giving you gifts, dealing with the world of work, you will always be faced with challenges. They are your path to a greater idea of yourself and your ability to grow.

AFFIRMATION: I persevere with the strength of the Spirit within me.

So many people in the workforce are on a quest for the dream job, but what does that really mean for you? When it comes to your work in the world, are you living your dream?

Whatever your work or profession this is an opportunity to discover and develop a passion for doing work that your find enjoyable and meaningful. The key is get good at something that helps you help other people. Bring the sense of “Everyday Wonder” into your work regardless of how other may judge what you do. Then watch as you grow into living your dream with this or some other work.

AFFIRMATION: The dream of Life is awake and alive in me!

Whatever my job, whatever my paystub may say, the greater truth is that I am always self-employed. I am finding my voice  and speaking my truth to myself and others. As I discover what is mine to do:

AFFIRMATION: I am creating a life that matters!

All work is service to others. All work! All work serves some good purpose. Otherwise, the job would not exist, and no one would pay a cent for it.” This statement by Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz sums up today’s lesson. As we look at our lives through the lens of a higher perspective, our work is more than doing assigned tasks, showing up on time, and doing what you’re told. It is how you spend the better part of your waking hours bringing your gifts and your personality to the world. The world responds value for vale as you do so. In creating the life of your choosing it is time to look deeply into what you are actually creating on a day-to-day basis.

AFFIRMATION: I am doing good work in the world

What is the Truth behind our human nature? Even if we believe that all humans are Naturally Divine, what does that really mean? Can we consciously recognize this nature in others? In ourselves? Let’s explore our Divine Nature together with guest speaker Rev. Cynthia Paulsen.

AFFIRMATION: I am of the Divine Being; my true nature is Divine

In a world of Oneness we are called upon to embrace all of Creations as springing from the same source as we are. This includes things we just don’t like. People who seem so opposite from us that we can’t imagine how the same Spirit of Life, produced them. Those lists are different for each of us. Nature has many animals, bugs, spiders, and the like that are beautiful to one person and terrifying to another. Human beings have behaviors that seem loving to one person and repulsive to someone else. How do we navigate thoughtfully and compassionately through this amazing world of diversity in which we live with while joyfully recognizing the beautiful in it all?

AFFIRMATION:  I embrace all life, including the fuzzy, furry and tiny.

Nature is first and foremost Natural. This statement from various New Thought literature seems kind of silly. Well of course Nature is natural. What else could it be. Well, here is the profound part: you too are completely natural! Everything that seems to be supernatural and miraculous in your life is actually quite Natural. Humans are quick to assign the term Miracle to things we don’t understand but in truth they are just that, things we don’t yet understand. Today’s magic is tomorrow’s science. Why does this matter? Because It empowers us to participate fully in this amazing creative universe as we use the natural forces of our natures to create the change that we desire for ours and the greater good of all. 

Weekly Affirmation: I am One with all of Life on planet Earth.

What we believe about God determines how and whether we are aware of a relationship. In this teaching about Oneness, no matter who or what the relationship is, it must be a relationship with God, the Infinite One, since God is All there Is. And ultimately it is a demonstration of God’s relationship with ItSelf. We can participate in this consciously and welcome more wonder and awe or unconsciously and keep reaping what we see in the world of collective consciousness. 

Week’s Affirmation: My relationships with everything demonstrates my relationship with God.

When we are in harmony with and in respectful relationship with all of nature, we find a level of sacredness and beauty we were previously oblivious to. Nature, the universe is the physical expression of the body of God, why would we ever desecrate our relationship with it? 

Week’s Affirmation: All life is natural. Wherever I am in any given moment the Infinite is fully present. 

The relationships we have with the broader gathering of people is what has created and continues to create societies. The agreements we make consciously and those we agree to by default are what affect and govern how we interact and relate to one another. 

Week’s Affirmation: I am a powerful catalyst of love within society.

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