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Fear doesn’t always show up in the same way. Sometimes it shows up as anger or self-righteousness. Sometimes it shows up as “just retribution,” as “an eye for an eye,” or as self-defense. This is true on the international level, but it’s also true at the personal level, whether it’s with a divorce, or a family problem, or a business conflict. Whenever we’re afraid, we respond in a variety of different ways. We attack. We blame. We criticize. We stop communicating. We start telling lies about each other. That gives rise to suspicion, revenge and resentment. When we get that far along, it’s very difficult for us to remember the Truth about each other, that we’re all connected at the God level, because by then we’re in such pain, we feel like we have to blame someone, whether it’s the other person or the other country for all of our suffering.

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