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We have to get away from the idea that living a successful and fulfilling life is all about avoiding pain and disapproval, because our ability to live successfully has nothing to do with outside opinions. It’s all about doing what we have to do, in our heart, in order to be the person we know ourselves to be, no matter what. No matter what anyone else says. No matter where we are or what challenges we’re facing. No matter what the risk or the danger might be. And we need to use all the wisdom and all the intelligence we have at the moment, combined with all the love we can possibly express. If we do this, no matter what happens, we will not regret what we have done with our life, because it will reflect perfectly who we believe we are

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"When we flip a coin and see it lying there face-up, we only see one side. We don't think about the fact that the other side is just 'this far away.' We accept without question the verdict of the side that's showing, the one fact that confronts us, the appearance we see, as the way things have to be, because that's all we can see. We think that God has to pick one way or the other, just because we do. We get so fixated on what we do know, we forget that there's an infinite range of possibilities that we don't know. We forget that God usually has a better idea. We forget that God is both sides of the coin, and the edge, and the place it lands, and the consciousness of the person who decided to toss the coin. God has no limits; so why do we insist on limiting God?'

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We have a hardening of the arteries around our heart because of the way that we have lived our lives up to this point. But from this day forward, we know there is a cure for the hardening of the arteries, or the callousing of the heart. We not only eat in a better way, and work out in a better way, but we also THINK in a better way. The hardened arteries are softened, and the calloused heart is more pliable. Our lives change both in a physical manner, and a spiritual manner, yes, by eating and exercising, but most importantly, with THINKING correctly.
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 "What most people don’t understand is that the main pre-occupation of society is not to support us in living well; it’s to make everyone the same. The race consciousness that fills the physical world wants us all to act the same, to think the same, to be the same. Conventional wisdom (which is not very wise at all) tells us that change is disruptive and conformity is good.
The funny thing is, if society were successful at doing this, it would never advance into something greater. It would never grow. We would never evolve as a race. All those fantastic technological and scientific and social improvements that we have enjoyed through the years are not a result of society; they occur in spite of it."
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There's a song of the same name performed by the Doobie Brothers. I vibrate with the sound of the Doobie Brothers, particular Michael McDonald. 

The song title reminds me that any given day is made one minute at a time; even seconds at a time.

Set a timer to 60 seconds. Decide what you are going to do. 60 seconds to meditate, call a friend, read a quote, write in your journal or calendar, or do nothing. Your choice.

Once the alarm chimes at one minute, determine if the time past quickly or slowly? Did you enjoy the moment or wished the alarm would chime? 

Consider how each waking moment is spent
Do we start the day in gratitude?
Do we look forward to the best of the day? 
Or dread the day?
Are we doing what matters most minute by minute?
Day by day?
Year by year?

Allow the practice of Science of Mind (SOM) principles to orchestrate a life that thrives! Living the joys and managing the pains. Radiating in the sunshine and embracing the rain, all through SOM principle-centered living. SOM promotes a way of life which summons the WOW moments which unfold minute by minute as we allow. 

I invite you to join us at the Center for Spiritual Living Midtown this Sunday morning at 11 a.m., and open up to the frequency of living life in the now, minute by minute.

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"There is no question that we are a problem-oriented society. Our attention is immediately drawn to what’s wrong, to what needs to be fixed. That’s what makes us so good at fixing things that are broken. But in terms of creating new things, it’s also what keeps us trapped in a narrow range of possibilities. Remember: “Whatever it is in life that receives our greatest attention, increases and expands.” As long as we focus our mental and emotional energy on the problem, we’re only going to continue creating more of the same. New creations require new thoughts."  
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Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon is responsible for bringing to the world the teachings of Science of Mind®, also known as Religious Science. As Spiritual Leader, it is his goal to help awaken humanity so that individuals can create their own personal experiences of perfect health, abundance, love, and connection to an Inner Power. These personal transformations lead to the activity of people extending peace and compassion to others. 

Dr. Gordon travels the world speaking with everyone from government and religious leaders to individual seekers about ageless spiritual principles that have been passed down through millennia and synthesized in the teachings of Science of Mind by its founder, Ernest Holmes. In his travels, he demonstrates respect for the teachings of other faiths and traditions with open receptivity and understanding of diversity while celebrating the oneness of all.

Dr. Gordon was elected Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living in 2012 for a four-year term. Prior to that he held a variety of elected positions for Religious Science International, including President and Spiritual Leader. Centers for Spiritual Living was formed in 2012 when Religious Science International and United Church of Religious Science integrated into one entity dedicated to teaching greater understanding of spiritual laws and meaningful spiritual practices.

Dr. Kenn Gordon also serves on the Leadership Council for the Association of Global New Thought, an organization whose vision is "to consciously bring forth the evolving human and an awakened world through the practice of universal spiritual principles and the energy of unconditional love". He continues to serve with his wife, Rev. Dr. Deborah Gordon, as senior co-pastor of the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

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The social and political process we're going through right now should not just be about "avoiding war." That's a laudable goal, but we need to be more assertive than that. Our energy should be spent creating a consciousness of peace in our own mind and heart, and seeing that same consciousness as potentially present in the mind of every other person, everywhere. It's not just about "not fighting"; it's about not judging each other for either our beliefs or our mistakes. It's about learning to disagree with each other respectfully, whether it's at home, at work, or at the United Nations. It's about continuous honest and open and respectful dialogue, instead of a constant pattern of lies and manipulation, or accusations and threats." 

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It's easy to Love on Valentine's Day, with all the flowers and the candy and the dining out..... But it's AFTER Valentine's Day that we seem to not know how to Love as easily as before Valentine's Day. It seems harder to find, it seems harder to come by, it seems like there is just not enough of it to go around.... But when you understand what TRUE LOVE is you find it everywhere, it comes easily and effortlessly, and there is more than enough to go around. So what is TRUE LOVE? Come and find out on Sunday.

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"People will continually come and go in our life, in all sorts of different ways. Some of them drift away, some of them storm out the door, some of them die; there’s nothing we can do about it. It is never the purpose of love to hold people to us forever. All we can do is to love them while they’re here, and to let that love live on when they’re gone. Love is what brings us together, and if we’re very fortunate, it may even keep us together for a long time. It may not be our decision whether someone stays or goes in our life, but it’s always our decision whether our love for them stays or goes. In that way, love is always a choice."

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