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I remember the first time I heard Dr. Kennedy Shultz refer to God as IT.
It made complete sense to me, though I was raised quite differently about God. I shared my enlightenment, but conversing was difficult to translate, with so many others believing God was a person in the far distances with control and anger management issues, or happy when “His” commands were obeyed.

The more I heard about IT, the more I wanted to know. I began to practice IT in a greater way. My life became greater because now I knew that what I believe happens. Now I had a greater idea of what I wanted.

Greatness happens because of our thoughts; “not so great” happens for the same reason. It works both ways. Why not allow the greater side of self to dominate your life? If you’re not living in the fullness of life, you are the cause. If your life is robust, creating the joys you want out of life, you are the cause. IT does not choose for you. We are the masters of our fate, as well as the means to our demise…IT works both ways!

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